Geeny Alliance Onboarding

Version 1.9.8

Last updated: 2018-09-05


This guide contains information for new members of the Geeny Alliance on how to onboard an IoT application or device to the Geeny platform.

The intended audience for this document:

  • Thing Providers: A Thing Provider is an organization with an IoT device and a cloud API that transmits data from their devices over Geeny’s platform for the purpose of sharing it with applications from Application Providers.
  • Application Providers: An Application Provider is an organization with a cloud-based IoT application that they connect to the Geeny platform to access data sent by consumer IoT devices to a Thing Provider’s cloud and send commands to consumers’ IoT devices.

Follow the steps in this guide to:

  • Integrate your device with Geeny’s data transmission methods.
  • Configure your application to let consumers authorize your application to access their device data.

NOTE: This document is intended for technical individuals working for a provider of a cloud-based IoT application or device who have an understanding of REST APIs and OAuth.

Technical Prerequisites

You must have a Geeny developer account. Please contact us for access.

For Thing Providers:

  • You must have a cloud-based API.
  • You must be able to provide OAuth 2 authentication to Geeny.
  • You must be able to provide Geeny a webhook URL as an endpoint in your API.

For Application Providers:

  • Your application must be able to act as an OAuth 2 client.
  • Your application must be able to communicate with a REST API.

Demo: Lighty and Kadabra


We created an online demo to demonstrate the end result of the onboarding process. It includes two fictitious smart device manufacturers with apps for controlling their own devices: Lighty, a smart light bulb, and Kadabra, a smart lock. The demo shows how an app from an Application Provider (Lighty, in this scenario) can control a device from a Thing Provider (Kadabra) after a consumer authorizes it to do so. In the demo, you act as the consumer going through this process.

Click here to go to the demo.

Onboarding Instructions