A Thing is a connected data sink or source that transmits data to the Geeny platform. This can be a smart device, a smartphone, a Gateway that communicates with non-IP-enabled devices, a computer, or even a virtual device running on a computer.

How data is transmitted from Things to the Geeny platform

Providers of Things can collect data from their own Things and pass this data to the Geeny platform using our Data Transmission API. See the Onboarding Guide for more information.

Each Thing must have a corresponding Thing Type. For example, suppose you want to connect a smart air conditioner (“SmartConditioner”) to Geeny. You would register your individual SmartConditioner on Geeny as a Thing. During the registration, you will specify that the Thing Type of your SmartConditioner is “SmartConditioner.” A Thing Type is a semantic blueprint for understanding the data sent and received by your Thing, defined on the platform by the manufacturer.

Each parameter of data sent or received by your SmartConditioner is stored on the platform as a Message Type. Thing Types encapsulate Message Types as resources. A resource consists of the Message Type, the method of transmission (pub or sub), and the URI where the data is published to or subscribed from. Let’s say your SmartConditioner receives a temperature reading from the room and reports that it is cooling down the room to a certain temperature. These would translate into two resources: currentTemperature, which would be a sub resource on the SmartConditioner Thing Type, and setTemperature, which would be a pub resource.

Thing model

Geeny stores Things as JSON objects with the following structure:

  "id": "ab541d15-e785-4f63-9073-90b40432e72c",
  "name": "Temperature Sensor #1",
  "serial_number": "1L080B50230",
  "thing_type": "024d804b-1267-4483-aab8-f25f22441062",
  "created": "2017-07-18T09:38:16.164Z"
  • id: (string (uuid)) The Thing’s unique ID.
  • name: (string) The name of the Thing.
  • serial_number: (string) Serial number of the Thing.
  • thing_type: (string (uuid)) ID of the Thing Type used to define the Thing.
  • created: (string (date-time)) Date and time when the Thing was registered on Geeny.